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Tips For Effective Remote Working

As COVID-19 cases spread around the world, millions of people have been told by their employers to work remotely. From Sydney to Mumbai, Dubai to London, and New York to San Franciso, hundreds of thousands of employees across large, mid-sized and small businesses have begun working from home.

As a Business Advisory and IT Services provider, Carousel Solutions has teams operating across Africa, Indian, the Middle East and Europe. In recent weeks, a common question asked by our clients is to share a summary of the infrastructure used to achieve end-user productivity ensuring our employees have the connectivity and software solutions required to be as creative, productive and work securely from any location on any device.

Bring Your Own Devices

Many of our employees are not expected to work from their home or a remote location.

We provide each employee a Windows "Amazon Workspaces" session that may be accessed from most desktop or laptop computers connected to their home broadband.

Collaboration & Office Telephone Systems

Companies of all sizes are typically unaware they can temporarily re-route their fixed lines into a SaaS Hosted Telephone systems that include conference facilities, incoming, outgoing calls and voicemail on their existing numbers.


As an experienced IT Services provider, our internal IT team have spent the last few years transforming our IT Infrastructure driving our employees to work in the cloud.

Our teams use a combination of Asterisk, Zoom, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office, Dropbox and a wealth supporting tools to achieve our clients' objectives.

In these challenging times; we welcome the opportunity to help companies of all sizes support their employees when working at home.

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