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A new partnership with Advisory Board Architects

Advisory Board Architects (ABA) is proud to announce their expansion into the Middle East and Africa regions with a joint venture with Carousel Solutions, an advisory business based in Dubai, UAE.  The partnership will extend ABA’s capabilities into the Middle East and African region as well as provide an existing network and relationship base.

Shimi Shah, Chairperson of Carousel Solutions will work closely with the Managing Partners of ABA in Europe and the US, Jaime Grego Mayor and Bob Arciniaga.

Bob Arciniaga, Founder of ABA stated “ABA is excited at the prospect of bringing our unique board service to another important region of the world. The discipline and focus of ABA's non-traditional board engagement system addresses cultural and structural complexities of different companies, board members and regions of the world. This paradigm shift in board thinking has proven to be highly valuable to companies in the US, Europe and Latin America. We are looking forward to working with Carousel Solutions to bring this highly adaptive board system to the Middle East and Africa.

ABA are specialists in designing and building company boards that provide not only relevant expertise but also a way in which the company shareholders can measure both quantitative and qualitative value out of the boards they appoint. ABA’s process ensures companies can get the maximum return on investment from their boards. ABA’s diagnostic process ensures that the design and build of each board is bespoke to the needs of each business. ABA specialises but is not limited to family-run businesses, private equity portfolios, listed companies, and not-for-profit organisations.

“Company boards need to be relevant, adaptable and, above all, provide real, measurable, strategic value to the company's shareholders and management team. Today, more than ever, companies need boards that will accelerate their business growth. The unique and proprietary ABA board tools and methodology bring boards into the 21st Century. We are very excited to partner with Carousel Solutions to bring this service to a region that is extremely relevant to the future of the world economy” said Jaime Grego Mayor.

“ABA’s track record in building and managing successful company boards and the principals behind ABA is what attracted Carousel Solutions to the partnership. We believe the MENA and Africa regions will benefit tremendously through ABA’s evaluation and assessment services as well as their expertise in board building” commented Shimi Shah, Chairperson of Carousel Solutions.

Carousel Solutions has been established in the UAE since 2007, and has a presence in South Africa, London, and the UAE. The company is known for partnering with global businesses and being able to offer quality services and products from these strategic partnerships and joint ventures to the MENA and Africa regions.

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