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The Pay It Forward movement was based on a book by Catherine Ryan Hyde, and became a Hollywood blockbuster in 2000 featuring Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and John Bon Jovi. We want to share the “Pay it Forward” message with everyone. The beauty is in the simplicity, the complexity is in the simplicity and the direction to a better world lies in simple methods such as Stranger on Stranger kindness. It is a call to action for all of us on this planet, take the challenge: Give away a bracelet after doing a small act of service for a stranger.

We want you to remember what it feels like to help another person, something many of us have forgotten during our hectic lives. Watch, as that person breaks down with emotion from such a simple act after being so convinced that people were no longer willing to help. These small acts restore Hope in our future and with Hope we are in a better mindset and with a better mindset, better decisions are made. The Human Connection brought back by such a simple act, done by millions over an extended amount of time will move us back to a better world. We know that serving others has the power to change and Pay it Forward allows ALL of Humanity to be the change they want to see in the world!

How Does It Work
Our UAE Initiative

The Movement is based around a Pay It Forward Bracelet, it seems we as a human race are increasingly losing the art of human connection on so many different levels and increasingly we need reminding that we need to help others, connect with people we know or strangers at a one to one human level. The Pay IT Forward Foundation created a silicon bracelet as a simple reminder that we need to do something good in our lives as often as we can. A random act of kindness doesn’t necessarily have to involve money, it could be time, experience, a simple smile or a hug can make all the difference these days.


The point is when you do that random act of kindness, don’t expect to get anything in return but simply tell the person in receipt of the favour to ‘pay it forward’ give them your bracelet as a reminder and let it be seen as an act that can be repeated as many times as possible.

Carousel has started a local UAE initiative called 8m 4 8m. What we at Carousel want to do is to get 8m bracelets out in the UAE, so symbolically each one of the 8m or so UAE population is doing at least one random act of kindness. This should be multiplied many times over, Carousel Solutions has kick started this initiative and has got 5000 bracelets into the UAE and will randomly give them out to whoever wants them, but more importantly to those that can make a difference.


We want other companies whether big or small to join the initiative and make a difference alongside us. The minimum number of bracelets that can be ordered are 5000, and this costs US$ 3000, there is no profit to be made at any level with these bracelets, and the purpose is to ensure the company or the individual who sponsors the bracelets makes sure they are given away, and no payment is taken for them.

If you would like to get your company involved then please get in touch with Carousel Solutions at or on +971 4 454 2667.