Who Are We

Carousel Solutions is a Business Advisory and IT Services provider helping investors, boards of directors, business leaders and their teams make decisions, act and achieve success.


Working alongside individual investors, family offices, venture capital and sovereign wealth funds along with commercial organisations of all sizes across the Financial Services, Hospitality, Retail and Telecoms Sectors, our teams’ complete one-off assignments and long-term projects.

Carousel Solutions is a federated company that provides individuals and modestly sized, highly skilled teams with years of relevant experience to solve complex problems, increase revenues, reduce complexity and cost.


Business Advisory

Carousel Solutions Business Advisory Division help organisations of all sizes reduce costs, business risk and improve overall business performance. We provide independent board members, board observers and expert teams to build or enhance the impact and effectiveness of Fiduciary and Non-Fiduciary Boards of Directors and their Advisory Boards.


Carousel Solutions works with entrepreneurs, SME's, medium and large sized enterprises offering individuals and modestly sized, highly skilled teams with years of relevant experience to solve complex problems, increase revenues, reduce complexity and cost.

Our teams:


  • Design, build, facilitate and evaluate board meetings to ensure achievable objectives are made ensuring success

  • Strengthen the culture, effectiveness and governance of the Board of Directors and their Advisory Boards 

  • Support the preparation and implementation of cultural change and business transformation programmes  

  • Ensure Boards of Directors and their Advisory Boards understand and leverage technology investments

  • Complete business intelligence and due diligence services evaluating investments, new markets or vetting 3rd parties


Information Technology Services

Carousel Solutions IT Services Division offers an outsourced consulting, software development and cloud services across the financial services, hospitality, retail and telecoms sectors.

We provide individuals or modestly sized, highly-skilled teams of programme directors, business consultants, technical and solutions architects, DevOps, software developers and QA testers with each member having typically 12 years plus experience.


Our highly skilled teams with domain experience:

  • Work in our clients' Innovation Lab or IT Departments to develop bespoke mobile applications and enterprise software

  • Simplify, streamline and upgrade IT operations drawing on expertise across leading technology platforms

  • Solve challenges using Ai and Machine Learning tools to increase revenues, reduce complexity and cost 

  • Help clients' articulate, define, develop and realise abstract concepts into minimum viable products (MVP’s)

  • Industrialise and scale MVP’s into fully featured solutions hosted in a data center or private, hybrid or public cloud 

About Us
Carousel Solutions is an award winning Business Advisory and IT Services company solving complex business challenges that increase revenues, and reduce cost to achieve a competitive advantage.
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